We take your products to market, from A-Z.

We create customizable products in the apparel, toys and collectables, beauty and jewelry industry via our generational manufacturing expertise and our partnerships with the most creative and influential brands and individuals.

Explore Our Process


Understanding the target audience, developing the brand’s ethos, finalizing branding identity, planning product categories and establishing critical dates.


Setting up a roadmap for 3 initial releases focused to abstract critical data which will shape how we solidify the brand (demographic data, retention data, price sensitivity, customer feedback)


Understanding client leverage and developing strategies to capitalize (seeding product, collaborations, content generation, etc.)


Assuring the brand identity carries over into everything customer facing, from the website, finalized product design, and to how people see the brand online.


Allocating capital in data proven places to further expand the exposure of products through various digital marketing channels.


Handling all inbound inquiries from customer support tickets to potential brand collaborations to negotiating and facilitating wholesale and retail deals.

Learn & Adjust

Taking our learnings and constantly adjusting our strategy to assure we are always moving forward with a purpose.